Horizontal Directional Boring

Directional Drilling

Do you have a project that involves the construction of new pipes or utility services, but you must work around an existing infrastructure?

Until recently, most pipelines and utility services were constructed in trenches, which involved digging up the ground and perhaps causing damage to existing infrastructure or landscape. Directional Drilling, also known as Horizontal Boring, is a method of going beneath the ground without having to dig trenches, resulting in minimal surface damage.

Because most projects involve property with existing landscaping, houses, roads, driveways, patios and other surface impediments, directional drilling/boring provides an excellent solution. 

Boring Services

Directional Boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling, is a method of transporting utilities from one location to another without destroying the existing ground or obstacles in the way.

Conduit for Electrical
Cable / Fiber
Underground Utilities


Go under or through pavement


Conventional  and Affordable

Parking Lots

Underground and Undisturbed

Trenching, Open Cut Excavation

The most common method of installing and connecting utilities is open cut, or trenching. Trenching has a lower installation cost than directional boring, but has limitations. This method is only applicable when the ground above the utilities can be disturbed and there are no buildings, roadways, or other impediments in the way.

Directional boring can be used in the same circumstances as open cut excavation, but it can also be used to go under roads, sidewalks, rivers, and even houses if necessary.